The Fish of Nobles: Trout Fishing Rods

There are few fish that bring a thought of honor and nobility than the trout.

Trout are such a prized catch in many places in the U.S. that it is catch and release fishing only, and the anglers are limited to a single, barbless hook. It is this noble treatment of the trout that makes fishing for it such a treasure.

Traditional trout anglers use fly rods and hand tied flies designed to mimic their current forage. Well-known as finicky, tricking a trout with a piece of steel and a few feathers is something that many dedicate their fishing lives to pursue, and these anglers will accept no other way.

This is all well and good for them, but some fish for trout not for the experience but to catch fish. While this may seem barbaric to the die-hard fly fisher, it is a fact. These anglers are not concerned with fine fly rods, quality imported flies or delicate presentations. They are interested in catching a limit of fish to take home and enjoy.

These anglers pursue their quarry with traditional tackle and use trout fishing rods designed specifically for that purpose.

Chances are you are here for that same reason; you are here to find the best trout fishing rods for trout fishing.

Before we get to the rods, there are a few things that you need to know about trout fishing rods. Most trout rods are going to be short, light action and power rods for fishing in tight locations with limited movement. Trout are delicate biters, so the rods have to be sensitive yet tough enough to fight the fish from deep cover.

European trout anglers, however, often fish from a bank with little access to the water directly. They depend on long rods, often over 10 feet, to reach well into moving bodies of water. These long rods are necessary for a hook set and to fight the fish.

So, here are five excellent rod choices for trout fishing in the U.S. All rods will be under 6′, and the rods are excellent choices for panfishing as well.

Berkley makes quality products as discussed in other pages, and this rod will more than suffice for the trout angler. Add a spincast or lightweight baitcaster, and you are ready to fish.

Berkley Ultralight

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The rod is designed for dough balls, but it will work equally well for salmon eggs, corn and even Berkley’s proprietary trout bait.


  • Split cork handle
  • Ultra light for sensitive bites


  • 5’6″ length will be hard to control on small streams
  • Neon green color may be a turn off for some anglers

Quantum is the premiere line of the Zebco family, and their rods are as good as their reels. The Tetoncomes in three sizes and is an excellent spinning rod for the money. Match a Quantum ultralight reel for an outfit that will trick even the most picky trout.

Quantum Teton

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  • 3 rod length choices
  • All graphite construction


  • Price may keep some from purchasing
  • Customer reviews are not as good as others

Okuma continues to appear on the lists, and they are fast becoming a company to consider strongly, even against some of the more well-established companies. The SST line is designed for cold, freshwater applications from delicate trout to pulling huge halibut from the depths. This IM-8 graphite rod is a head turner and sure to produce a limit in the creel.

Okuma SST

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  • Solid quality and craftsmanship
  • Premium reel seat


  • Expensive
  • Matching reel can be tricky

Not everyone has a trout stream in their back yard, and those who do not have to travel to their favorite streams and rivers. If you are looking to fly, you should invest in a travel rod. H2o has a good one that fits in the overhead compartment of an airplane.


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  • Breaks down to three small pieces
  • Carrying case


  • Price
  • Loss of sensitivity because of the three pieces

Shimano is better known for warm freshwater and saltwater applications, but their cold freshwater line is nothing to ignore. The Sellus is a rarity because it is an ultralight, 5’6″ rod that is a one piece.

Sellus>>  Buy your Sellus HERE  <<


  • One piece construction for maximum feel
  • One piece cork handle


  • Rear grip is a bit long
  • Solid white color may not appeal to some

Trout are noble fish for certain, but they are also delicious if smoked or fried for shore lunch. These five trout fishing rods will go a long way into putting trout in the creel and memories on the shore.

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