Fishing for Giants: Best Deep Sea Fishing Rods

Of all the fishing types, deep sea fishing is the most specialized. Deep sea fishing requires short, stout rods with specially designed guides, and anglers use reels designed to hold several hundred yards of 100 lb. plus pound line. Anglers fish out of large boats that are built for going several, up to hundreds, of miles from shore. The equipment must match.

Deep sea fishing does not consist of casting. Instead, the angler is trolling, pulling lures behind a moving boat, or fishing off the bottom of the sea in very deep water.

Since anglers do not cast the rod, there are three ways to fight the fish on average. Some stand up, some have the rods in seated on the side of the boat and others sit in a fighting chair. This article will look at the best deep sea fishing rods for each method.

Quality comes at a price, and the best deep see fishing rods are going to be expensive. This is why the majority of deep sea fishing is done via charter or guided fishing. This is not the pastime for the average angler, although there are some who fish professionally for these particular fish. This television show features the best deep sea fishing rods and equipment.

However, those who are interested in starting a charter service or are looking to upgrade an existing charter service will find the best deep sea fishing rods here.

The quarry can be massive. This page lists some of the largest fish ever taken with rod and reel. This means the equipment must be made with the best possible graphite or fiberglass.


atfcoAftco rods are made for trolling. The angler does not stand and fight the fish, but the rods are often in the boat side or from a fighting chair. This video shows an example of what a fighting chair looks like.

The heavy weight rollers instead of guides are necessary for lines that may hold memory, that is the line may not peel off in a straight line but instead loop. The roller help keep the line straight throughout the fishing experience.


  • Designed for deep water
  • Bent or straight butt


  • Very specialized for deep sea only
  • On the cheap end of deep sea equipment

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Penn Stand up RodFew will argue that Penn is the undisputed king of the deep sea fishing experience. Penn has reels for every aspect of deep sea fishing, and they make the best deep sea fishing rods.

Their tuna sticks are perfect for battling big tuna out of deep water. Tuna are fast, strong and one of the most prized fish in the sea. These rods will more than handle the job. Here is a good video of an angler fighting a tuna standing.


  • Designed for standup
  • Lightweight for long fights


  • Expensive, but quality
  • Limited length choice

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Sea StrikerThe first two rods reviewed were designed for trolling only. The Sea Striker is a bottom rod, which means the boat is anchored to the bottom and lures or bait sits motionless at or near the bottom.

Bottom fishing means grouper. This video is an excellent example of what a stout, bottom rod will do for muscling a big fish from the ocean depths.


  • Short and stout for wrestling fish
  • Lightweight


  • Rated only to 80 lbs.
  • Not appropriate for trolling

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This is only a partial list of the best deep sea fishing rods, but this should give you a solid idea of the cost and type of equipment necessary for tackling pelagic fish.