Teeth and Attitude: Pike Fishing Lures

After the largemouth bass, the northern pike is the gamefish of choice. A long slender fish with a mouth full of sharp, needle-like teeth and attitude to match.

A cold water fish, pike normally inhabit weed beds and ambush passing prey. They are perfectly camouflaged against the weeds, thanks to the long vertical stripes that run down their bodies.

Pike can be caught on virtually any lure, but they are especially attracted to flashy lures with lots of vibrating movement.

Colorful Lures With The Fishing Rod On The Wooden Pier


spoonsThe spoon is one of the many lures that most serious pike fishermen reach for first. The combination of erratic wobble and flash creates a lure that pike cannot resist.

There are plenty of spoons on the market, and it is actually one of the least expensive lures as well. The simplicity of the lure, a piece of metal and some hooks, keep production costs low. This means an angler can find spoons often sold in small kits of various colors, a decision that is wise and economical.

The beauty of a spoon is it can be used universally for pike, trout, walleye and even bass.

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SpinnerImagine a spoon attached to a wire. The wire ends with a treble hook, and between the hook and spoon is a weighted, colored attractant. This is a pike spinning lure, spinnerbait, inline spinner and a variety of other regional names for the lure.

Much like the spoon, the inline spinner is economical, and spinners are sold in sets. It is best to consider a variety of colors and sizes. The sets make this a simple task.

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SwimbaitA relatively new lure, the swim bait very closely resembles an actual baitfish and has similar movement in the water. These lures are expensive compared to the spoons and spinners, but it is a good idea to have a few in the tacklebox if the fish are being finicky.

Many of the swimbaits are jointed and can be fished by twitching across the surface or pulled underneath like a crankbait.

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jerkbaitThe jerkbait is a strictly topwater lure that is made to be retrieved across the surface of the water with erratic motions of the rod, thus the name jerkbait.

Jerkbaits have a range of prices, and they range from inexpensive upwards of ten dollars each or more.

Like the other lures, it is a good idea to have a few jerkbaits on hand, although only a few to begin is the best decision.

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There are several different brands of lures commercially available, but checking this page will show you much of what has been said before about lures: There are a set number of lures; the differences are in the brand name and possibly minor changes in shape. All are virtually the same, and strengthens the argument that lures are made to catch the wallet of the angler.

Pike and musky normally inhabit the same waters, and lures used to catch one will at times catch the other. These fish will often follow a lure all the way to the boat and not strike. This is why all pike anglers use the “figure 8” pattern at the boat before casting again. This pattern gives the fish an extra look at the lure, and an additional chance to strike at the lure. This YouTube page has lots of great videos on pike fishing.

There is no need to invest in specialized gear for pike fishing. A rod of 5’6″ to 6’6″ with 10 lb. to 17 lb. test line is perfect for pike fishing. The only specialized equipment necessary is a wire leader. Pike teeth are sharp and will easily cut monofilament line.